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WANDA is wall-mounted digital washroom attendant that puts the solution to issues directly in your tenants’ or customers’ hands—so you can serve them better. 
WANDA alerts you when you’re out of a product. A simple touch tells you “we’re out of soap.” You get the message immediately, and eliminate complaints.  
WANDA is an innovative device to help you: 
•   Track supplies 
•   Track how long it takes to resolve an issue 
•   Hold employees accountable 
•   Determine the amount of products used 
     and how frequently they need to be refilled  


Touch to Request Service
Touch to Request Service

A quick and simple way for visitors to notify the cleaning staff of not only unsatisfactory conditions immediately, but also specify what exactly needs attention so your staff can prepare accordingly.

email notification
Email Notifications

If service is deemed necessary or staff are late for scheduled cleaning, an email notification is sent to alert necessary personnel and the situation can be remedied as quickly as possible.

staff login
Staff Log-in

All the appropriate staff are given unique ID pass-codes to track scheduled visits, response times to requests and what services were completed.

supply tracking
Supply Tracking

Every staff member is required to record the variety and amount of supplies used in a response. Long-term implications are that you will be able to predict, with better certainty, the amount of supplies required and usage trends.

administrative data and analytics
Administrative Data & Analytics

Employees have access to an admin website to view all of the recorded data, including log-in times, response times, supplies used, and traffic (with the optional wireless traffic counter).


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